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seeks information about grandfather

i have for a number of years had in my pocession my grand fathers,seamans certificate of discharge book.The first entry is 31.10.1907 on the Celtic 113476,this was the date it left Liverpool bound for New York, it returned 23.11.1907.
The book lists all the ships he served on which include CEDRIC,LAURENTIC,TROPIC,MEGANTIC,SUEVIC AND THE BALTIC The most interesting entry is the one that says he had just returned to Liverpool from a voyage on the Laurentic from New York and the date was 7th of April 1912. The reason i have come on this site is to ask the question where do i start to find out anything about my grandfathers working history with the White Star Line My grandfathers name was Matthew De Geir and the number on the front of his book is 485444
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Re: seeks information about grandfather


Sounds very interesting. I don't know much about researching crew members of the White Star Line as there is not much of an archive for White star left, but that does not mean that you won’t find anything. The best place to ask is probably at an ancestry forum/website. If you find anything please keep us informed!

Margaret "Molly" Brown biography
White Star Line History Website
Titanic Pages
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