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TITANIC Roleplay Characters (Fan Fiction characters also welcome)...

Since (hopefully, this is allowed...)-- First Officer William McMaster Murdoch is now a widower, w/a young 5-year-old daughter who is the namesake of his favorite sister, Peg. Ada Florence Mudoch nee Banks, his first wife (and Maggie's mother) died due to complications to childbirth. Her full name is, Margaret Elizabeth Murdoch II.

Will, so far, has lucked-out in the love department, and is still looking for someone to fill his and his young daughter's lonely lives.

On this particular maiden voyage of Titanic, a young lady of 27-years old, Carietta Elizabeth King, with a young child of her own. His name is Cody Little Wind, her unofficially adopted Half-Arapaho 5-year-old son. They're traveling with Margaret Tobin Brown, Red Feather (Cody's birth mother), and the John Jacob Astor Party...and waiting to board Titanic at Cherbourg, France. With the trio of Carrie, Cody & Red Feather, as Mrs. Brown's special friends and First Class Suite mates.

Carrie in a huge way, is alot like Will's Aid, for she was raised in Wyoming, the first state that granted women the right to vote and to hold office. Just as women also are allowed to do same in New Zealand, for which Ada comes from that same background. Meaning, Will & Carrie are perfectly meant for each other. emoticon

We all know about Ada. Here's some more interesting information about Carrie...

Her father, John King is a Cattleman Rancher, who once served as a Captain of a riverboat that sailed up 'n' down the Mississippi River. It was onboard this riverboat that he met Carrie's mother, Jennifer Elizabeth McCullough.

The King Ranch spread neighbors the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wind River, Wyoming. He kindly welcomes the Arapaho & Shoshone Indians to work as ranchhands on his ranch. Hense exposing Carrie to knowing these beautiful peoples.

I'd like to continue but...I just would like to learn what you think of my idea for this fanfictional idea.


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