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The MAERSK-ALABAMA Merchant Flagship

I'm sure that ya' all no doubt heard about what happened in the Indian Ocean off of the Somali Coastline, for which the Somali Pirates tried to capture the Maersk-Alabama Merchant Flagship?

Instead, her Captain Richard Phillips, allowed himself to be taken hostage, over his remaining crew members whom stayed onboard his ship.

He was adrift in one of his ship's orange-colored lifeboats with his four Somali captors, for which they drifted within 50-40 miles of the Somali Coast line, until...

Our American Navy's USS Bainbridge and the USS Boxer ships came within very close range of them to rescue Richard from his captors.

Richard tried once to escape, but at gun point was persuaded to return to his captors. When on of his captors went aboard the USS Bainbridge to make negotiations...Richard tried his second attempt to escape, and this time he was successful. He was taken safely aboard the USS Bainbridge by his fellow Americans...with the Navy Seals aiming their guns at the remaining three Somali pirates in the lifeboat.

When they stuck their heads out of the lifeboat to get air, our Navy Seals let them have it by blowing their brains out. emoticon

Meanwhile, Richard's remaining crew that was still aboard their cargo ship...made it safely to their Mombassa, Kenyan port destination.

Back to Richard...

What's so special about him, is that he reminds me alot, personalitywise, of one William McMaster Murdoch's sweet unassuming ways. For which he, after he was returned to his home Burlington, Vermont airport aboard his Maersk Company plane, to be reunited with his family. After the reunion inside the terminal, Richard stepped out with his family in tow...thanked everyone for his rescue, even us whom prayed fervently for him. He humbly said that the Navy Seals were the real heroes, not him.

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