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---------------Forum Rules---------------

By posting at the TDTSC forums you agree to the following rules and terms:

1) Flaming of any sort will not be tolerated.

2) Be considerate when posting. Remember you can't see whoever is reading the post.

3) Assume the poster you are reading meant things nicely.

4) Political and religious discussions are not allowed in any forum except the Members Lounge.

5) Please remember that TDTSC (the managers of the forum) cannot be held responsible for the content of posts.

6) Posting from more than one account (using two or more usernames) on this forum is not allowed.

7) Copyrighted material including material from other websites must not be copied into your posts unless you have permission from the owner to use it.

8) The management of the TDTSC forums can not in any way be held responsible for any event or actions involving you at our forums.

9) TDTSC has no obligation to delete or edit posts or to edit member lists.

10) TDTSC may change/update the forum rules/terms at anytime, with or without notice and it is the member’s responsibility to make sure that they comply with all rules/terms.

11) Violation of the rules could result in the deletion of your post, suspension or banning from the forum.
TDTSC have the right to delete and edit posts, remove members from the board and terminate any service at anytime for any reason.

Rules originally published: 2nd June 2005.
Last updated: 9th December 2008.
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