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Mystery of the CYCLOPS

The mystery of the USS Cyclops has always been an interesting one to me. Of course it may not belong quite here, since it is considered one of "those Bermuda Triangle" things by many, but it met with disaster, so I think it fits here.

During WWI, a United States Naval Collier (coal-carrier), USS Cyclops, disappeared while on route from Rio de Janiero to Portsmouth, Maine. To this day, the mystery remains unsolved and the US Navy considers it the greatest mystery in U.S. Navy history.

The ship was captained by George Worley (real name George Weikman), a sort of Stanley Lord wannabe as regards the way in which he dealt with this crew (actually, Worley makes Stanley Lord look kind-hearted). He was a German immigrant and known to associate with German ship captains when in Hoboken, New Jersey (Hoboken was where most if not all of the German ships landed after arriving in US waters). However, it is unknown what his sympathies were during the war. The Navy apparently was willing to entrust him with one of its key ships.

Also aboard was the US Consul General at Rio, Alfred Gottschalk, along with three prisoners who were being taken to the Navy Brig at Portsmouth.

Cyclops made a stop at Barbados, then left for the open sea, never to be seen again...

Here is a link for those who might be interested in this mystery. Yes, I know it has "Bermuda Triangle" in the site's name, but it is one of the best summaries on the Web:

Passage to Oblivion: Disappearance of USS CYCLOPS

"What I remember about that night- what I will remember as long as I live- is the people crying out to each other as the stern began to plunge down. I heard people crying, 'I love you.'"
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