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Titanic 94th anniversary chat 2006

This year TDTSC will be holding it's 3rd Titanic anniversary chat in our chat room.

We start the chat at 6pm GMT (7pm BST/UK time) and continue until the early hours of April 15th 2006.

In the chat we talk about Titanic, have random conversations/talk about anything, titanic role plays and from 11.30 BST we 're live' what happened on that night over 90 years ago with a role play, discussions and well prepared chronological posts.
In 2004 we held the best Titanic chat in an Internet chat room on the 14-15th April (according to those who were present in all chats) and we hope that the 2006 chat will be even better than the 2004 and 2005 chats.

We are hoping to have our (or a) new chat room, ready by 6pm GMT but if that is not possible we will have to use the older chat room.

The (old) Chat room will be open all day on 14th April, if anybody wants to meet in there before the main chat.

We advise that you test the old chat room before the start of the chat, to make sure that it will work on your computer. Some people might need to install java (search google for it) or enable it on their computer.

If we have a new chat room by 6pm GMT we will post the link here and put it on the old chat room page.

The address for our current chat room is:

Edited on April 13th 2006.

Edit April 14th, 19:58:

The chat is going to start soon, for now we will have to use the old chat room:

edited by Thomas Dyer, Apr/14/2006, 7:01 pm

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