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A Comment on the Iraq Debacle

Note: Those of you who know me to any extent will know that I am not a "political person"...I usually stay out of political arguments...but I felt constrained to say what I have below...I am sorry if anyone may be offended, for such is not my intent.

In watching the news over the past few weeks, I feel constrained to remark that not only are the abuses piled on Iraqui POWs inhuman and uncalled-for, but they are counter-productive as well. If you (the US military) want Islamic extremism to REALLY take root in Iraq, as it is already obviously doing, then keep doing this stuff, guys. This sort of behaviour will make us more enemies there--and elsewhere--not less.

This time I am behind Bush and the government 100%--it has to be made clear to our forces that this sort of thing is NOT accptable behaviour and that it will NOT be tolerated in any manner, shape, or form.

Yes, I know that there are photos around of Americans who have been beheaded by the extremists, and that too is reprehensible. However, the individuals who are responsible(the extremists) are NOT American troops and will either have to be dealt with by their own commanders, or by us should we finally acheive victory.

In the meantime, two wrongs DO NOT a right make and I do applaud the efforts being made to find out who the guilty are and to punish them. Let's not have history visit the same verdict on us that it has on tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot! No the Iraq debacle has NOT got to that level yet (thank God!)...let's make sure it doesn't!

I know that Americans are angry over 9/11, but these people did NOT run those airplanes into those buildings...that was Al Quaida...the men being tortured and mistreated have only one thing in common with Al Quaida...they are Muslims. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY ARE MEMBERS OF AL QUAIDA! Just like many Christians, not all Muslims think the same way...being Muslim should not be grounds for someone to abuse you!!

Please also note, though, as well, that it is apparently only a minority of our troops who are engaged in this behaviour...most of our soldiers seem committed to helping win a victory, not only for us but the Iraqui people as kudos for trying to stay true to this goal in a VERY tough situation...ladies and gentlemen, I for one applaud you.

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