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Re: Ranting against Bush

I will try to be philosophical here and speak in broad generalities so we don't have a ****slinging fest.
There is an old saying which I believe might apply somewhat in this case (if I am wrong, take it as a compliment please).
"A young person who is not a liberal is a hard hearted person. An old person who is not a conservative is a fool."
I have lived through many administrations (yes, even back to FDR) and have seen them come and go...and I have heard this kind of talk all before pertaining to several other presidents too. SO...I cannot believe this one--or any one for that matter--is 'the worst'. It all depends which side or political viewpoint one holds. I doubt either view is all wrong or all right--but the right to HOLD and express those views should never be taken for granted. Too many times and places have not had this privilege.

That being said, the part about differing political philosophical points of view, I will state MY reasons for not liking FDR and leave it at that.

If one were to take a look at the percentage of the worth of the country that was taken and used by the central government in the form of taxes collected and spent, one would see (if one made a chart or graph) a more or less stable jaggedy line throughout the first hundred and fifty years of this nation's history, marred by sharp upward jags that correspond with our country's wars--the Civil War presenting the highest jag. On through a small one for the Spanish/American War, a bigger one representing WWI, each one dropping back down at their conclusion. Returning to 'business as usual' and a not very heavy tax burden as compared to most any other industrial nation. Americans were a free and independant people with their normal haves and have nots as in any society--but in our case those lines were flexible and one could relatively easily change status--up or down.
The depression came and many went down. Depressions have come before--and have passed. But this time was different--enter FDR. I don't blame HIM personally for what was to come--it was more a characteristic of the second quarter of the 20th century--many countries were doing the same things...experimenting with what today is called 'Big Govt.' Most notably and infamously was Nazi Germany--but they weren't the only ones.
So our chart or graph I described above begins to change--a 45 degree line now extends upwrd from that stable line of the first 150 years...and that line has been climbing at a steady rate ever since.

What does that mean to you and me? Well, have you ever walked in one of those neighborhoods with the big old Queen Anne revival houses. You know the ones, with big windows and gables, sometimes a weird tower sort of thing with curved windowglass and ugly shingles on the second storys, wrap around porches and so on? Well if you dig, you will find that that was the sort of home a middle class often blue collar type person raised his faimily in. Towns and cities are full of those type neighborhoods.
Today, after several decades of 'Big Govt' as invisioned and implemented by FDR and his like, we have many goverment 'programs'...but who still builds and lives in houses like that anymore? Or lives in a similar braket (large houses aren't popular any more). How many families do you know where it doesn't take two incomes just to make it? We still have the haves and have nots--that never stops in any society, but what about the plain old middle guy?
What has happened with us--and why I am on the political side I am--is that the govt. is taking a larger and larger role in our lives--far more than it did a couple generations ago (starting with FDR) and we are really NOT getting any better a standard of living or quality of life for the vast increase of taxation, and worse, the trade of freedoms that we have made--as a matter of fact we are losing ground.
I will stop now with only that single simple observation.

A solution? Well, I have thought of one that might slow the process down, but it will never happen--the emotional trauma (and political power) would far outweigh the logic. What might very well do it is to make a constitutional amendment stating that any of those who benefit from a govt. program will for that duration be not eligible to vote. No that is not to penalize those who find themselves a 'benificiary' of a program, but to curtial politicians from 'buying votes' with the national treasury. Ben Franklin upon viewing the then proposed Constitution stated that he gave this country about two hundred years before it began to slide into mediocrity and eventual ruin as it would take that long for "the citizens to discover that they could vote themselves money from the treasury."
FDR was the one that showed them how.
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Cedric Member

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Re: Ranting against Bush

very interesting views there 7th.

especially about big govt.
never really looked at it that way.


Suicide is a permenant solution to a temporay problem........

Whatever obstacles control,
Go on, true heart,
thou'lt reach the goal.
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