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posticon Former POW PFC Jessica Lynch home at last!!!

Almost heaven West Virgina,
Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

Life is old there, older then the trees
Younger then the mountains, blowin' like a breeze

Country Roads, take me home to the place I belong
West Virginia, Mountain Mama, take me home down
Country Roads...
~ John Denver

Elizabeth, WV, finally was able to welcome their daughter, former POW PFC Jessica Lynch home to her hometown, yesterday. Now she can fully recover from the injuries she sustained over in Iraq, in the comforts of her own home and with her family. Now I ask you, isn't that wonderful news, or what!? emoticon emoticon

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"Whatever obstacles control, go on true heart, thou'lt reach the goal." ~ John Henry Mackay, "Writer of Anachist"
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