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White Star Line Employees Gain Payment From Survivors

I recently watched a document that after the Titanic sank, the White Star employees went to the survivors and had them sign a documentary they thought was passage to wherever they were going to go when in reality it was to reconcile with the White Star Line for $25 for their troubles with the sinking despite losing family members, friends, possessions, trinkets, loved objects, and just a general traumatizing experience.

They did this while the survivors where in distress, dismay, and had suffered with PTSD from hearing the screams of their family members, friends, and fellow sea-going people die in the water from Hypothermia. Would you have stood for this? How do you feel about the WSL doing this to the survivors?

Should the WSL be reprimanded despite the tragedy happening within their control (there was a drill set the day before the sinking but it was canceled for unknown reasons)? Comment down below!

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