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New here....

Hello all!
I am a retired machinist in Pennsylvania USA. I learned of the Titanic from a very old book about her sinking that my grandparents gave me and have since been absolutely fascinated about Titanic from her birth at Harland and Wolff to her dreadful sinking and terrible loss of life.
I am 71 years old and figure I will not live to see an actual (not some copy) Titanic ever sail again, but I hope it can happen thru Harland & Wolff sometime in the future.
I would gladly sail on her "as built" but with modern iceberg patrol and lessons learned from the past I would feel very snug & safe.
I recently sent an email to H&W about the Titanic and they sent a very courteous and lengthy reply that they could indeed build the Titanic again but with todays shipping regulations she could not be totally original but passengers would not really notice the hidden modern appliances in most cases. Hooray for H&W! They are still "in the game"!
Just need someone with the money, and they're plenty of them in today's gaggle of Billonaires to get it done.
Can not happen but those 4 cylinder triple expansion engines would be the iceing on the cake but most likely power would be diesel.
That is about my sentiments on Titanic...I treasure the memory of the ship and have heartfelt memory of those lost.
Best wishes,
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