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Registered: 01-2018
Location: Waterfall City, Dinotopia
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posticon My Titanic Quizzes

I'm a member of a website called FunTrivia. This website features thousands (possibly millions) of quizzes on a huge variety of subjects. So far, I've written over 150 quizzes including 7 that focus on Titanic passengers. They are titled as follows:

RMS Titanic: Did I Survive?
Titanic Passengers 1: Loraine Allison
Titanic Passengers 2: Madeleine Astor
Titanic Passengers 3: Annie Funk
Titanic Passengers 4: Rosa Abbott
Titanic's Children part 1
Titanic's Children part 2

Want to play my quizzes. Just look for FunTrivia on Google then search FunTrivia for 'quizzes by ElusiveDream'. If you just want to play my Titanic quizzes, look under the Maritime section in FunTrivia's 'World' category.

Breathe deep, seek peace
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