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Bill Paxton & Billy Zane seen in TOMBSTONE!

Surely, you folks have heard about Wyatt Earp, our most famous (and favorite) Lawman, haven't you!?

Last night, I happen to be channel surfing, and came across Tombstone on the American Movie I decided to watch that, b/c I am rather fond of Wyatt.

Bill Paxton played Morgan, Wyatt's younger brother. Billy Zane played Josephine Marcus' (Dana Delany) fellow theatrical partner, in the above film.

Anyhoo, I just thought that I ought to share this news with y'all.


My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine,
For Thee all the follies of sin I resign;
My gracious Redeemer, my Savior art Thou;
If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, 'tis now.
~ Wm. R. Featherstone
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