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RMS Tayleur


I thought, given the date, that I would post a wee reminder here about the RMS Tayleur.

On the 4th October 1853 she was launched from Warrington (where I live) and towed to Liverpool for fitting out and loading. Although she was originally advertised as sailing for Australia in November, it wasn't until 19th January 1854 that she actually set off on her much-hyped maiden voyage. She sank off Lambay, off the Irish coast, just two days later, with huge loss of life.

If any of you are in the North West of England, I would recommend a visit to the permanent Tayleur exhibit in Warrington Museum. It's comprised of a porthole and some crockery from the wreck, and if you manage to visit soon, there's also a temporary exhibit about the local paper which features a section on how they covered the reporting of the wreck.

There are two excellent books already out about the Tayleur, by Edward Bourke and Herbert Starkey, and I've written one about the people who were on board which will be published by Pen & Sword to mark the 160th anniversary of the wreck. I've not included titles here as this post's meant to act as a reminder about this tragic ship. Just wanted to explain my interest.

Anyway, it would be lovely to hear from anyone else with an interest in the Tayleur. Anybody?
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