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A Trip To CornLand

September 25, 2004 at 3:23pm

And so, we're preparing for the trip to Iowa.
Actually I'm looking forward to it. After a year in Pittsburgh, with its rude, agressive drivers and utter impossibility of getting ANYWHERE easily I look forward to going someplace where politeness is NOT a dead virtue!

It was the Squirrel Hill drivers who got my goat the most. I mean, I don't care HOW important your mother raised you to think you were,
you are SHARING the road with OTHERS! Get off of that damned cell phone and pay attention to where you are going!!!
And lay off the f***ing horn. Honest to GOD, no matter if you get there five seconds earlier of five seconds later you're STILL gonna be in you STILL lose!
Jeeze, I guess I really hated this place.
How sad, because the architecture is BEAUTIFUL and even people who aren't rich can live in interesting looking older places.
Too bad the place sucks for everything else.

On a MUCH more positive note...and I LIKE to leave things on a positive's AUTUMN!!!! Woo-Hooo, time for bonfires, changing leaves, pumpkins and my favorite holiday...Hallowe'en!

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