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Happiness At Last

December 30, 2005 at 10:21pm

I have the happiness of finally being with my dear friend, Will. I honestly think that finding him was part of the reason I felt that I had to come back. Now, I am with him in Indiana and my heart is full of happiness.

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The Sadness Is Still There At Times

November 3, 2005 at 12:40pm

It is odd how the pain of losing Brian and Rodgy still pops up from time to time. Last Sunday I was reading a lovely poem about the young men of the RAF, undertrained as they were, still went up and gave it their all. All I could think of was poor Brian, cut down at such a bloody young age, and the tears came. At least Rodgy had the pleasure of knowing marriage and fatherhood--such was not to be for Brian.

Maybe that pain will not go away until I am reunited with them at some point...not likley to be this life, but certainly it is something to hope for in future.

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Finding a Friend

February 10, 2005 at 1:02am

I have, after 92-plus years, found my dear friend from last life, William Mc Master Murdoch. I am happy beyond words, for of all the people I knew last life, his friendship meant the most to me. Perhaps, now, in this life, we shall renew and deepen that friendship.

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Reincarnation and the TITANIC

May 25, 2004 at 8:51pm

Well, this has been an interesting year or two...trying to sort out issues from last life...and this...and sometimes, the bloody twain coincide, so then it's even more confusing.

A little while ago I was sent photos of the resting places of my two sons...I was checking something today from the email in which they were enclosed and it hit me again...after nearly sixty years for Roger and sixty-six for Brian, I still feel that pain of losing them...I was in public and only by the barest thread managed not to break down weeping like a baby over their loss. It hit me especially when I saw the section where Brian is cannot tell which stone is his...all I could think, "Our Brian is there, somewhere in that row of whitish stones." I do not always understand the intensity of my emotions/impressions/flashbacks/dreams...some of the emotions are very like when I experienced them for the first time...I keep telling myself...the container changes, but the soul does not. This may be some of the answer...

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