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I'd like information about 1909 book embossed with White Star Line on cover

  As an amateur history buff I bought an old book. It's Sailor's Knots,by W.W. Jacobs, printed in 1909, this is the fourth edition(all 4 editions were printed in 1909). Publishers are:Methuen & co. 36 Essex Street W.C. London.
I had originally thought it was your typical sailors knots but had been unable to locate any information on volumes that had "White Star Line" embossed in gold letters on the front cover. On the spine of this book it readsemoticontop 2 lines)Sailors' Knots, half way down it reads: Jacobs, at the very bottom it reads" 235".
  Somebody had said it must have come from a ships library, but I couldn't find out for sure.
  Any help would be great, Thank You!
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